The Fruit Collector Harvesting Net

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The Fruit Collector Harvesting Net is the world’s handiest apple collector: it collects the windfalls and makes harvesting easier. It also works when you are not there. Harvesting cannot get easier than this!

Windfalls and ripe fruit fall gently on the Fruit Collector and are safe from dirt, worms and other crawling bugs until you have the time to collect them. When harvesting, it is easy to shake the fruit on it from the top branches.

The fabric is durable polyester fiber and the metal parts are rust protected. The fabric lets the rain and wind through and you can even wash it in a washing machine (below 40 degrees C / 104 degrees F).

  • 10′ x 9′ – Great for big trees. The trunk thickness can be over 30 cm.
  • Saves your back in harvest, gathers fruits for easy picking
  • Catches the apples softly without bruises, makes harvesting quicker and easier
  • Less raking, you can also catch leaves with it from every tree
  • Does not spoil the lawn beneath, lets the rain through
  • Catches and gathers the windfalls when you’re not there
  • Fruits are protected from worms and bugs, not lying on the ground


The Fruit Collector Harvesting Net is easy to assemble and place even alone. It can be done in few minutes. The Fruit Collector is tied with a rope to the tree trunk about half a meter high and fastened with 8 metal sticks steadily to the ground. This way, the apples roll softly on the sides of the collector. The packaging includes more detailed instructions.

Fruit Collector can be also placed on hillside as the edges keep the fruit inside the collector. When placing the collector, an extra pole can be used instead of the tree trunk, so the collector can be placed directly below the fruitiest branches. This way it is exactly in the right place. (The extra pole is not included in the package, but you can make one easily, any steady stick will do.) When setting up, you can use your imagination and tie the Fruit Collector partly, for example, on a fence.


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