Neoseiulus Californicus for Mite Control | 25000 Adults in 16 oz Bottle

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Neoseiulus californicus is used to prevent and control spider mites. The Neoseiulus californicus mites are only 0.5mm, but they are active spider mite hunters, even when prey is few and far between. The female mites lay eggs amidst the pest mite concentrations and pest webbing. Additionally, they are also able to deal with some near-microscopic pests like: broad mites, Polyphagotarsonemus, Hemitarsonemus latus, cyclamen mites, Phtyodromus pallidus, Steneotarsonemus pallidus, and tomato russet mites.

The Neoseiulus californicus has a lifespan of 8 days as immature and 20 days as an adult. Optimum performance conditions for them is between 50 and 100°F with a relative humidity between 40-60%. Conditions beyond these ranges will hamper reproduction and development to some degree.


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