Lap Fasteners with Screw, 100 per bag

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Used to fasten vertically overlapping corrugated polycarbonate panels. Consists of a Self-Grip Assembly includes lap fastener and a Self-Tapping Screw. Sold in quantities of 100.


Affixing Lap Fastener Nuts to Panels
Lap Fastener Nuts are to be installed while panels are still on the ground. On one vertical edge of a panel, mark the required Lap Fastener locations approximately 18″ to 20″ apart, including one Lap Fastener close to each purlin. When stacked, several panels requiring the same Lap Fastener spacing can be marked at the same time. Lift the uppermost panel in the stack and place a Lap Fastener Nut so that it rests on the second panel in the stack with the tabs facing up. With the Lap Fastener Nut in position, lay the uppermost panel down again. Use a hammer or similar object to lightly tap the uppermost panel from the top until the pointed tabs protrude through panel from the underside. Bend the tabs over by lightly tapping on them with the hammer. Repeat at each required Lap Fastener location on each panel.

Fastening Lapped Panels Together
After the panels are positioned on the substructure, overlapping panel edges are fastened together by means of self-tapping screws which are screwed through both panels and into the Lap Fastener Nut, which is attached to the underside of the bottom panel. Whenever panels are fastened directly to the substructure, an additional Lap Fastener must be also be installed close to the purlin or girt. Note: It is not necessary to apply sealants between overlapping panels. Sealants are not required, and will only result in unsightly dirt streaks within a short period of time.


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