Humidity & Temp Indicator

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The Abbeon Humidity and Temp Indicator is certified to be accurate within ±3% RH. The dial indicates the complete range of 0 to 100% relative humidity. This instrument has been tested at three different positions of the dial at temperatures ranging from 32° to 230°F. The bi-metallic thermometer is accurate to 1% of scale and has a range of -10° to 190°F.

Standard Features

  • Solid brass case
  • Gleaming finish
  • Case drilled for wall mounting
  • 5″ diameter dial
  • Black dial with white numbers and letters
  • Overall Diameter 6″

How it Works

An internal RH sensor (man-made fiber) element expands as humidity increases and contracts as humidity decreases. This expansion and contraction is mechanically linked through precision bearings and gears to the humidity pointer. No batteries or external power supplies are needed. The unit is completely self-contained. A calibration screw is accessible through a slot in the case for periodic calibration to a known humidity standard.


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