1200 Series Gothic Arch Package

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  • Economically priced,30 & 35 FT. Wide.
  • Superior strength 3” tall ROLL-FORM arch design.
  • Five runs of “double-bolted” purlins per house.
  • Heavy-duty arch to column connection.
  • 12’-6” or 14’ tall at the peak.
  • Pound for pound, more steel than other structures in its class.
  • Easy installation

The cold frame series 1200 greenhouse is for backyard gardener or commercial grower. This greenhouse .Hands down, our cold frame series 1200 greenhouse represents one of the strongest – most durable – structures on the market today. Utilizing 3” tall ROLL-FORM arch assemblies designed to support substantially more snow and ice than similarly sized houses in its class. Each of the five purlin assemblies provided per house are double bolted to each arch substantially increasing the structure’s resistance to wind. Designed for poly or shade cloth covering, the CF SERIES 1200 is available in either a 4’ tall or 6’ tall sidewall height. Buy COLDFRAMES SERIES 1200 Online Australia

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1200 Series Gothic Arch Package Australia

Dimensions 20′ W x 36′, 48′, or 72′ L x 12′ 1″ H
24′ W x 36′, 48′, or 72′ L x 12′ 10″ H
30′ W x 36′, 48′, or 72′ L x 14′ 6″ H
Sidewall 6′ high (3′ 6″ available)
Frame Galvanized Steel – 18 Gauge
Covering Included
Arches (2) piece arch, 9 1/2″ rollform galvanized steel. 6′ center to center.
Columns Not required
Purlins (1) run 5″ rollform galvanized steel under peak. (2 or 4) runs 5″ rollform under arch.
Manual Included

This greenhouse can provide year-round production for propagation and growing, retail garden centers, and aqua culture. Our Cold Frames are recognized as the strongest, most reliable Cold Frames available – constructed from the same high quality, galvanized steel roll-formed components as our more expensive packages. Ideal as a starter house or an overflow structure. Cold Frames are non-rated structures and not recommended for high wind or snow areas.

Designed for single poly or double poly roof covering and includes pre-cut and punched components for easy bolt-together assembly. Also can be fitted with shade cloth.Buy COLDFRAMES SERIES 1200 Online


The success of this Cold Frame greenhouse can be found in it’s unique roll-form components offering superior strength, reduced cost, and simplified installation. The 1200 Series features a 9″ roll form (approx. 3″ hat). The galvanized steel frame insures maximum strength and life.

Stronger than the Competition

Dimensional Information

20′ Wide20' wide cold frame dimensions
24′ Wide24' wide cold frame dimensions
30′ Wide30' wide cold frame dimensions

Package Includes

Included Description
Rollformed Steel Frame (18 Gauge) True commercial quality! All galvanized steel construction. Roll-formed arches and purlins offer superior strength and durability compared to the round “fence” style tubing offered by our competitors. All the nuts, bolts, screws, and brace straps needed are included as well.
Steel Endwall Kit (Both Ends) This galvanized Steel Endwall Kit consists of steel framing necessary to enclose endwalls.
Poly Film Roof Double Layer of 6mil Anti-Condensate, 4-Year Rated Polyethylene Film for Roof.
Inflation Blower, 60 CFM Shaded pole blower for inflating a double poly roof or any variety of applications.
SolarSoft 85 Endwalls SolarSoft 85 corrugated polycarbonate sheets feature 100% UV protection and guaranteed condensate control along with the benefits of SolarSoft pigmentation which provides 85% PAR light transmission AND 100% diffusion for a softer light.
Spring Lock Top and Spring Lock Deep Base Also known as Wiggle Wire, this complete fastening system provides secure attachment of polyethylene film. Have peace of mind during high winds. Reusable time after time.
Entry Storm Door
Product Picture above shows an OPTIONAL roll-up door
Sturdy aluminum storm door, includes sliding screen assembly for use during hot weather.
(1) 3′ wide x 6′ 8″ tall storm door with 2 pane glass and screens.
Commercial Shutter Fan(s) Totally enclosed motor is thermally protected and designed for continuous duty. Includes exterior aluminum shutter that opens fully for maximum CFM output. Outdoor air is drawn in through a motorized shutter and hot air is exhausted through this motorized shutter fan.
Motorized Aluminum Shutter(s) Motorized aluminum shutters used as outside air intake or free-air exhaust when connected to a controller. Outdoor air is drawn in through this motorized shutter and hot air is exhausted through a motorized shutter fan.
Heater Single stage thermostat to control your circulation or exhaust fan, power shutter, heater or heat lamp.
Horizontal Air Fan
(24′ & 30′ Wide Packages Only)
Fan allows for more air flow and a much wider air pattern in your greenhouse. This maximizes heat distribution and humidity control by mixing the air, from ceiling to floor.
Two Stage Thermostat & Single Stage Thermostat Thermostats to control your circulation or exhaust fan, power shutter, heater or heat lamp.

Available Options

  • 4′ centers instead of 6′
  • 3′ 6″ high sidewalls instead of 6′
  • Additional lengths

Additional information


20' x 36', 20' x 48', 20' x 72', 24' x 36', 24' x 48', 24' x 72', 30' x 36', 30' x 48', 30' x 72'


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